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Report writing

A good report should have a title page; abstract; introduction; materials and methods; results; discussion; conclusion and references. If any of the above is missing, then a report is not complete. Description of the content of each of these sections should follow. A title page should contain full name of the project; the course; the name of the author; name of other group members (if it was a group work); and the group number.


Report editing

When editing the abstract, it should be noted that the abstract is a brief summary of the report contents that is often separately circulated so that potential readers can decide whether to read the report or not. The abstract should concisely summarize the whole report why it was written, what was discovered or developed, and what is claimed to be the significance of the effort. The abstract does not include figures or tables, and only the most significant numerical values or results should be given.

Short report writing

A short report informs the readers about a specific subject to help them make a decision. Usually no longer than 10 pages. A short report consists of facts and sometimes an analysis of the facts, as well as recommendations. The information is arranged in a memo format with both first and second level headings. Readers of this reports expects the information to be written clearly, concisely and completely.

Report writing

Begin your report writing with an introduction heading. Include a statement about the report’s subject, an explanation of why the report was written and a summary of its contents. Also mention the intention of the report, which is usually to help the reader make a decision about something. Present the facts about the subject clearly and concisely, but compose a complete report giving the reader all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Present the most important information first, keeping in mind that there are needs to be made.

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