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Writing a Report witth Experts

Our report writing service stands out from the crowd of so many report writers. We have what it takes to be called report experts. We aim at writing reports which are free standing – from which the reader can glean the key issues and in the case, understand the evidence available and reach a clear understanding of the range of expert opinion, without needing to look at any other document. That is the description of our experts’ production.

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When you tell us to write a report our title page will include: the date of the report, the date of the examination; the identity of the parties to the action; the full name (and date of birth) of the claimant/pursuer; the party providing the instructions; and the nature of the report. The report will also have numbered pages, short numbered paragraphs and appropriate subheadings. Personal details, name current postal address and summary of the previous experience will not be left out.            statement of opinion is necessary here. you have been asked to provide and details of your relevant knowledge / experience enabling them to comment on the issues. List of documentations considered and relied upon in reaching your opinion on the case will also be included.


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Chronology and summary of the relevant issues: giving exact dates wherever possible; when referring to important parts of the records, quoting relevant entries verbatim, if possible (identifying it as a direct quote); identifying disputed facts and stating the sources of the information set out; explaining relevant technical terms and abbreviations; reviewing the evidence for a sufficient period of time before and after the incident /  period of alleged negligence – to put the events in context and highlight other relevant features of the history.

To write a report

We highlight any agreements or disagreements between data and those of other published studies. We comment on possible reasons for disagreements. Open questions are discussed. The questions come about by the findings and general lessons or conclusions that are drawn. With all this information, why not also join those who refer to us as “experts” and let us be your consultation firm when it comes to report writing.

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