What to Include in a Vocational Training Report

For most people, the hardest part of participating in any form of training is coming up with a report to account for the activities that ensued during their vocational training. This should not be a hard task if only you know what is expected of a report. Vocational training (as well as workshop training report) is very important and it involves learning of different skills to be used in different fields of practice. The craft vocations involved are usually based on manual or practical activities and are traditionally non-academic but related to a specific trade or occupation.

Vocational training is quite specific since you receive knowledge and skills only in the type of trade you want to engage in, forgoing traditional academics. A vocational training report should also be specific and follow a given format as it is being written.


Techniques to Cope with the Vocational Training Report Writing

With vocational training there is a lot of learning which takes place from people who are professionals in the field. There is a lot of practical work which is also involved. While compiling the vocational training report, there should be clear illustrations of what was learned and this could include graphs, diagrams, tables as well as graphs.

vocational training report writing tips

There are a couple of hints as well as tips for you to come up with an exemplary vocational training report and if you follow this to the latter you will not face any difficulties in the course of writing.

  • All the activities carried out should be explained in great detail. All the processes and procedures should be explained and in the case where any sort of appliances and equipment is used, they should also be defined and their use explained.
  • Important detail should not be left out. This includes the name of the trainers, the venue, the date of commencement of the training as well as the nature and organization within the training institution. You should also state your role during the vocational training period.
  • Remember to review and revise the vocational training report after you have completed writing it. This is to check for any form of errors, omissions or mistakes made. The document should be flawless before submission. Good grammar and correct punctuation should be used in this case.
  • Since you are giving a personal experience of what you did, you should use voice rather than passive. The vocational report in context could be a summer training report or a spring training report.

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The format for a vocational training report includes the following

  • Title
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Company profile: Background, Services offered, Organizational structure of the institution and Various department present
  • Objectives of the vocational training program
  • Vocational training activities undertaken, literature survey and Experimental procedure/methodology
  • Result obtained and the discussion that arises
  • Executive summary
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation
  • References and Appendices

Expert Advice on How to Come up with an Exemplary Vocational Training Report

training report sample previewOur experts have been in the business of advising people and helping them along with their vocational training reports. You can therefore count on them to come up with helpful advice which when adhered to will ensure you have an exceptional write-up. According to them, It is advisable to be precise and specific in addressing issues in the report be it for a summer training report or a spring training report.

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