Report Writing Format

At the end of this report writing format, you will be in a position to understand the purpose of a report; plan a report; understand the structure of a report; collect information for your report; organize your information; use appropriate style of writing; present data respectively; understand how to lay out your information in an appropriate way. A typical report will contain: title page; acknowledgement; contents;   abstract or summary; introduction; methodology; results or findings; discussion; conclusion and recommendations; references and lastly appendices.

Report writing format

All report writing format contains: writing a report; know different types of reports; know stages of report writing; and have terms of reference for your report; planning your report; collecting information; organizing information; structuring your report; style of writing; layout; presentation; redrafting and checking checklist.


Report writing

Reports are highly structured form of writing often following conventions that have been laid down to produce a common format. Structure and convention in written reports stress the process by which the information was gathered as much as the information itself.
We have laboratory reports, technical reports, reports of a work placement or industrial visit, reports of field trip or field work. Reports vary in their purpose, but all of them will require a formal structure and careful planning, presenting the material in a logical manner using clear and concise language.

Format of report writing

The following stages are involved in report writing: clarifying your terms of reference; planning your work; collecting your information; organizing and structuring your information; writing the first draft; checking and re drafting. The terms of reference of a report are a guiding statement used to define the scope of your investigation. You must be clear from the start what you are being asked to do. Knowing your purpose will help you communicate information more clearly and will help you to be more selective when collecting your information.

Report writing structure

When writing a report, each idea can be circled or linked by lines as appropriate. When you have finished, highlight any related ideas and then sort topics. Some ideas will form main headings, and others will be sub sections under these headings. You should then be able to see a pattern emerging and be able to arrange your main headings in a logical order. Always check with the person commissioning the report to find out precisely what your report should include and how it should be presented.

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