How Your Practical Training Report Can Affect Your Study

Practical training is very important to anyone who is studying. It is a part of all the Bachelor’s degrees completed at the universities of applied sciences. This can be described as studying which takes place in a company or business that specializes in the student’s area of study offering the student the opportunity to adapt what she or he has learned in practice and therefore develop professionally. It is therefore very necessary to report practical training. That’s why a lot of people hire report writers.

Documenting what you have studied is also very important since you need to have an account of what you have learnt compiled in the form of a practical training report. The training report therefore has a big impact in the learning process and if it is written well it shows that you have understood what you studied well. You therefore need to report practical training activities in the best way possible.practical training report parts

Techniques Used to Cope with Practical Training Report

This type of report has a conventional format and a set of contents which must be present in all cases. The contents are included in our report sample (like in an example of practical training report for business student) and it includes:

Description of the training place
  • The company’s year of establishment, location, number of staff and fields of business present.
  • The most important products and clientele.
  • Organizational chart and your position in it.
  • Training provided by the company especially for your task.
  • Placement from the trainee’s point of view.
Job description
  • The date you started and completed your training.
  • Assessment of the suitability and quality of the job as training, taking into account previous work experience as well as progress in studies.
  • A brief description of how the training period influenced your opinion of the field and your career choice.
Self-evaluation of the whole training period
  • An explanation of how you adapted to the company’s organization, team, supervisors as well as co-workers and whether or not you felt job satisfaction.
  • The most favorable placement for you in your opinion and whether you would reflect upward tendency.
  • In professional sense, what you learnt on dynamics of your field of study and your areas of development in the course of training.
  • An elaboration of your strengths and weaknesses from the experience. State the areas you need improvement and the relevance of this in the labor market.
  • Future aspirations of what you would like to learn in the future during your studies or during your next training period.
Training report sample

Our team has come up with a couple samples as you can see from our training report sample. It will guide you come up with a training report on your own. There are a couple of techniques and tips that you should apply so as to come up with a successful practical training report. Below is the conventional format followed by our practical training report sample.

  • Title page
  • Declaration
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgement
  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • List of abbreviations
  • List of appendices
  • Practical training brief
  • Chapter one: Introduction
  • Chapter two: Organization information
  • Chapter three: Training activities
  • Chapter four: Industrial training reflection which includes problems faced.
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations

Expert Advice on How to Write a Good Practical Training Report

how to prepare report practical training

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Our experts have been there for quite a while and they have worked on all sorts of training reports as you can see from our practical training report sample. According to them, the first step of coming up with a successful report of this kind is knowing exactly what a training report on practice you underwent is and what it constitutes. It is also very crucial that you indicate your strength and weaknesses from the experience as well as a personal opinion on how the training impacted on you.

How We Can Help with Your Practical Training Report

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