How You Can Benefit from Your Workshop Training Report

There are very many ways a student or trainee can benefit from their workshop training report writing. Workshop training is very important especially because it equips someone with skills needed especially with practical work involved. The training is quite interactive and it therefore calls for cooperation and participation of both parties whereby the participants carry out a number of training activities rather than passively listening to a lecturer or presentation. This is a better way of learning since the involvement means that the skills will stick with you more.

A training workshop report is held with the same importance as the training experience itself since it is on the report after attending training where you can gauge what the trainee gained from the experience. A well-written report gives the impression that the trainee was able to gain maximally from the training activities undertaken which is of benefit to him or her. They could also refer to it in future so that it gives them a clear picture of what they learnt earlier on.


Techniques to Cope with the Workshop Training Report Writing

During your workshop, you will deal with a lot of practical work and all this needs to be represented well in your training workshop report. This could involve drawing of diagrams, graphs, charts and many other figures and all this should be included in the report. This should not be a headache at all if you know the right way of representing them.

workshop training report writing tips

There are a couple of tips which when you follow will go a long way in ensuring you have an exemplary workshop training report.

  • You could attach appendices at the end of the training report. It contains all the technical details that support your conclusions such as worksheets and design sheets.
  • Your report should be a concise but thorough technical record of the work you have done and observations you have made in the course of the workshop training. Technical aspects such as workshop procedures, tools and equipment used and factors affecting choice of procedure should be defined concisely.
  • You should also list the names of the other participants who took part in the workshop alongside you.
  • The descriptions given should not be too simple or too general. Technical and detailed technical information should be given with inclusion of relevant diagrams and descriptions for illustration.

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The format of a workshop report consists of the following

  • Title of the workshop
  • Details on the workshop: The background of the workshop, Venue as well as date for commencement and Expected results.
  • Workshop training program: Training modules and Practical sessions.
  • Training team: Participants, Guests, Officials, Trainers and speakers.
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Activities carried out
  • Results obtained including the challenges faces in the process and how to solve them
  • Executive summary of the workshop training program
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation

Expert Advice on How to Deal with Workshop Training Report Writing

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