How To Make A Report

Many of our clients come asking questions on how to do a report. We have sampled some of the questions and incase your question is not answered here, please feel free to shoot it out to our professional report writers.

Where is the title placed?
The title should be centered at the top page. (do not use a title page – it is a waste of paper for our purposes). The title is not underlined or italized. The author’s name and institutional affiliation are double spaced from and centered below the title. When we have more than two authors, the names are separated by commas except for the last which is separated from the previous name by the word “and”.
What is the function of the introduction in a report?
The function of the introduction is to establish the context of the work being reported. This is accomplished by discussing the relevant primary research literature with citations and summarizing our current understanding of the problem you are investigating. It states the purpose of the work in the form of the hypothesis, question, or problem you investigated and briefly explain your rationale and approach and whenever possible, the possible outcome your study can reveal.
What is the structure of an abstract in a report?
An abstract summarizes, in one paragraph, the major aspects of the entire paper in this sequence: the question you investigated (or purpose). It will state the purpose very clearly in the first or second sentence. The experimental design and methods used thus it will clearly express the basic design of the study; name or briefly describe the basic methodology used without going into excessive detail. Be sure to indicate the key techniques used. The major findings including key quantitative results, or trends are also included in an abstract. Report those results which answer the questions you were asking. Identify trends, relative change or differences.
How do you know that you have enough information in the abstract?
A simple rule of thumb is imagining that you are another researcher doing a study similar to the one you are reporting. If your abstract was the only part of the paper you could access, would you be happy with the information presented there?
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