Edit Report With Our Service

The final stage in report writing is editing. Our professional editors are trained to do proofreading to the report for any grammar or typos so that you can have a smooth report to present.

Edit report

Layout is the most intuitive view to use for report modification, and can be used for nearly all the changes you would want to make in a report. In layout view, the report is actually running, so you can see your data much as it will appear printed. However, you can also make changes to the report design in this view. Because you can see the data as you are modifying the report, it is very useful view for setting column widths, add grouping levels, or performing almost and any other task that affects the appearance and readability of the report.


Report editor

Our report editor can enable you to create reports from: a data file found in an analysis or any data file; the result of a query; a view on a hyper file SQL data file; a memory zone; a table control found in a window or in a page; an organizer or scheduler control found in a window; a text file; a variable (a variable global to the project or variable used in the current report). The report editor can also be used to create customizable blank reports. The method for creating report is straightforward. A wizard helps you create the report. Once it has been described, the report corresponding to your choices is generated. The report can be run from the editor directly or from a site or from an application.

Edit reports

You can modify the layout of the report, add, modify or delete controls. You also have the ability to perform specific processes. Our report editor offers edited reports that are easy to use. It offers several features: choosing the destination of the report execution; choosing the item to print; ability to print the data of several data files; ability to print the data coming from variables; selecting the records; sorting the records; printing labels; custom calculations; totals and counters; images borders, backgrounds colors; choosing the fonts; configuring the page headers and footers; printing grouped reports; choosing the number of columns.

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